She was a beauty and she looked very dominant. 

You could immediately see that she preferred to make love to women. 

Since I was in puberty, I have had fantasies about submission. They were usually, well hidden away in my innermost thoughts, but gradually they came out more and more and I began to look around to find a dominant woman so that I could realize my desires. 

The other women I had tried with did not satisfy my desires for submission. 

They didn’t have it in them, and often they did it just to satisfy my needs.

It didn’t work and in the end I didn’t think I would ever find what I was looking for.

Then I met her, she was the owner of a clothing store… Our eyes met, and I realized I had found what I was looking for. 

She was in her late thirties and she was a classic beauty, her voice was strong and commanding, she was slim and moved like a panther. 

I don’t remember exactly what she said when she came up to me – me! 

She gave me her business card and invited me to the following day.

When I think back, she has been looking at me and talking to me like only a very dominant woman can do.

When she opened the door the following day, I could feel my legs shaking. She stood before me, beautiful and tall, inspecting me. “come in” was all she said, then closed the door behind me. In the silence that followed , I felt shy and shy. I didn’t know what to say or do.

She didn’t ask if I wanted to sit down, but seated herself on a large upholstered sofa. Took a cigarette from a silver box on the coffee table, put it in a cigarette tube. I fumbled in my bag for a lighter and set her on fire.

“Get down on your knees” she commanded. 

I got down on my knees in front of her, with my head bowed and my arms hanging limply at my sides.. She reached out and took me under the chin, and lifted my head up, I felt she was looking straight into my soul. 

“Have you ever really been humiliated by another woman”? she asked. 

I licked my dry lips and said “No ma’am”. 

“But you want that?” she asked further.

A warm feeling went through my body. 

“If you want to be submitted to by a woman like me it won’t just be play, it will be real, would you like that”? 

Without coercion or force, she had placed me in the situation I had dreamed of. I knew she had given me a chance to make my dreams come true, and I whispered with a trembling voice: 

“I want it” I whispered 

STRIP she said harshly. I took off my clothes as she ordered and laid them on the floor: When I was naked I knelt down in front of her again, I could feel that I had become wet between my legs. She took a piece of string from a table behind the couch and ordered me to put my hands out. At first I thought she wanted to tie me up symbolically, but the more rope I got around my wrists, I realized it was 100% realistic. 

A short piece of string was tied three times around my neck and sat like a dog collar – Her kiss surprised me. The way her lips touched mine was so foreign and erotic. For a moment I thought quite simply that she would start making love to me, but suddenly she grabbed my nipples hard. I gasped loudly and she said:

“There’s pleasure and there’s pain. Not so much pain that you can’t handle it, but pain nonetheless if you understand”. 

Of course I could have gotten up and gone, hands tied or not. It was quite clear that I could have stopped now, but one thing made me stay – my desire.

Dreams of submission in my own bed alone was one thing I could dream and masturbate, now I faced my dreams and was in the custody of a strange woman. If I did not try now what I had so long dreamed of, my dreams would no longer have any purpose. I overcame my nervousness and it was like traveling to a country I had never seen in any travel brochure: So I only used two words:

” Yes ma’am”.

She lifted her foot and thrust her high-heeled shoe into my face. Immediately I kissed the heel. She didn’t say a word, but understood that I had understood: she stood up and stood in the middle of the floor with a riding whip in her hand. 

“Come here”, she ordered.

As I started to stand up, she yelled, “On your knees!” 

I crawled over to her and a moment later I felt her hit me on the butt and I screamed in pain. My whole body was shaking and I could feel her hot breath on my ear and she was whispering. 

“You are with me, everything is OK”.

She was so kind when she spoke to me, almost motherly, I felt that with her I could handle anything she wanted to pave the way for. The riding whip hit me again, this time on this other bum, and I screamed as she hit me again and again, my body shaking and me biting the carpet. She beat me until I was completely blue and collapsed on the floor exhausted. When it was over my face was all red and I had tears in my eyes and my bottom was burning.

She laid me on my back and said: “Tears are good, they show me that you have honored her in a place that you have never been before”.

She gently kissed away the tears, she kissed my eyes, my ears, and I felt her hands on my breasts. It was just what I had wanted all my life.

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